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I was contracted by travel startup Adventure In You to assist with the launch of a new travel app, Get Stoked. Aimed at backpackers, and those travelling with limited budgets, it has access to great activity deals. Working with a developer I constructed the whole app, from the opening pages, to booking success results.


Get Stoked

App Design  |  UX/UI  |  User Testing  |  Working with Developer
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App Design & UX Direction

Working closely with the developer, and Adventure in You’s marketing team, the task was to ensure all of the crucial UX requirements were met. This meant testing a lot of pages, making sure the direction was clear for users. From there I was able to build the look of the app. Firstly starting with simple static pages and then moving on to the layout of each activity. All activities followed different rules, and appeared in different ways, so I had to make sure the visual consistency was always on display. 
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Prototype Testing

Before the launch Adventure In You gave the prototype app a test-drive in the market, to gain as much feedback as possible from travellers. The responses gathered helped the team to further develop the app. Above all this meant changing page design, or directions, to better suit users. After all tests had been carried out it was officially launched.
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