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Jungle Merchandise

Jungle Merchandise are a cool merchandise company located in Sydney, Australia. Working with bands on tour they sell clothing and quirky produce at live events. As a startup they had no branding and no strong marketing direction, and being a creative company they needed this arranged before the launch. 


Jungle Merchandise

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Colourful Branding & Logo

The Jungle Merchandise logo design was based on the shape of a plectrum, to represent the musical side of their business. It got the word across straight away. They also needed a strong colour-based style, so I used their now signature bold green and black design. This combination was chosen to reflect the ‘jungle’ element of the company’s name, but to also ensure it stood out in a saturated, colourful industry. In addition I set up crucial elements of the company’s website, social media products and print items. This was all to assist in promotion to music agents.
Band Merchandise tshirt
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