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Nineteen Degrees connects students across the world with Asian counterparts. Allowing them to participate in community projects in culturally diverse environments. This creates strong bonds, and a better understanding from both parties. They needed a new website to represents this and explain exactly how it works.


Nineteen Degrees

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Website Rebuild

The original Nineteen Degrees website was too simple and a little amateur. This was not suitable for this service. Hatch: Visual Content Design Agency contracted me to rebuild the site. It involved major input from all parties, to showcase locations available on all trips. In addition we had to highlight what students can learn, and how they can empower locals through community projects. As a fairly complex service broke the site down into easy manageable sections. Firstly I started off with educational pages, and went into further details as the user explored. Image wise it was a mix of professional travel photos and basic hand-held shots. These were never the best quality but were important to include. The balance had to be correct.
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