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Spiritual Jackass is a freedom movement. It is where personal development meets comedy, through the art of being human. This has become a very popular youtube channel, aimed at people ready to learn something new. Or get better at life! To increase digital presence I was brought in to create this entertaining website.


Spiritual Jackass

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When life advice is fun!

Big life advice can be fun, when it is presented in a comedy style. This gave me the much needed direction before I started planning out this website. Users are coming here to smile, not to feel bad about anything. So colour and brightness were essential. Using a lot of strong visual elements, I had many photos of the Spiritual Jackass enjoying herself. These became the website highlights. ‘When you see something that makes you happy, you want to read more’. That was the motivational message I gave myself before I began the site construction. Additional online presence has increased her youtube subscribers, and her social media followers. 
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I shared with him my vision and he went above and beyond to deliver it. We consulted regularly, he talked me through all the elements and he was very attentive to my needs. He would make suggestions to improve the user experience of the site and clearly communicate my brand. I’m extremely happy with the site and wouldn’t hesitate to hire Jon for any future design work.

Kirsty Carr
Founder – Spiritual Jackass
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