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Truly Aus is a travel content hub dedicated to exploring and celebrating the real Australia. All content was ready for this website, they were looking for branding style, and structural plans. They needed to know the best way to split up all the travel posts, and needed to start getting more visitors to the site as soon as possible.


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Starting point

Working closely with Truly Aus publisher, Michelle Hespe, we were able to break all the content down into simple sections. We started with the 8 states and territories of Australia, and then broke all this down into experiences, hotels, accomodation and the Indigenous culture. After that I was able to construct the whole site around this strong direction. Firstly I created a suitable logo, and then broke each page down into a simple style. A main leading image, leading introduction text, and then lists of the relevant posts. 
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Australian Destinations eBook

Once the site was launched, and new content was being uploaded every week, we looked at how to get visitor numbers up. We set up a EDM to be sent out to subscribers, the more direct visitors we had the better. These were customers who kept wanting to come back for more. To get numbers up we took the free eBook approach. Anyone who visits the site will see the eBook pop-up, and when they subscribe they get the free gift. A book I made showing off the top 10 hidden Australian destinations. This got newsletters subscriber numbers up very fast. 
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Jon is a remarkable designer to work with on Truly Aus. From initial conception and logo design, right through to its current state – a stylish, easy-to-navigate, quick website that is steadily gaining traction – Jon helps us creatively, and in terms of tech and brand advice.

Michelle Hespe
Publisher – Truly Aus
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